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Mans development through time
Oil on canvas
98"w" x 58"h

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This mural is painted on four walls and a ceiling in a room adjacent to the kitchen. As you walk towards the central canvas, facing you is the heart shaped symbol with man and his many arms, each radiating out a multi colored line to reveal the different phases of his development; his engineering and architectural skills, his moral systems, and more recently, space development.
On the right panel and to the rear, you will see the objects that facilitated and encouraged him to progress; the earth, the water and the chemical soup, from which he emerged.
Above you flow the multicolored lines, 'life lines', that extend over and back to the left wall and into the panel depicting space development and the mile high building by Frank Lloyd Wright. This panel also explores the possibilities of living beneath the surface of the earth either under water, or under the land its self.
This panel in turn flows into the left back panel, showing the desecration of the earth, mans inability to control the pollution and finally, his leaving to go to find another system or planet to inhabit.
Some of the efforts to find other planets will not be successful and have not been to this point, but there will finally be success as depicted in the central portion over the entrance.